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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about 3iX Web Hosting

How long will it take to setup my web hosting account?

All accounts are now setup INSTANTLY following completion of payment by credit card or PayPal, no need to wait!

Can I upgrade my plan in the future, what is the cost?

You can upgrade your plan at anytime by emailing billing@3ix.org you only pay the difference between your existing and new plan, there is NO cost for doing that, you get a credit for the unused time on the existing plan.

Are there any setup fees or other hidden costs?

We guarantee there are NO setup fees or hidden costs of ANY kind, you just pay the cost of the hosting plan for 6 or 12 months, plus the cost of a domain name if you need it.

Do I need to transfer my domain to use your hosting?

No, you DO NOT have to transfer your domain to 3iX to use our hosting, if you have a domain name already then select 'I have a domain name already' at step 2 of sign-up, you will just pay us for the hosting. Following payment you will receive the welcome email containing our 'Nameservers', you login at your domain registrar and set the nameservers, then the Internet knows to find your website on 3iX servers.

I want to transfer my Domain to 3iX, where is the 'Transfer Secret'?

You get the 'Transfer Secret' from your existing domain registrar, normally it will be in their domain control panel, please ask them or see their FAQ for details.!

How do I login to the 3iX Client Area?

You login to the client area here: sys/clientarea.php if you don't know or forget your password please use the 'Forgotten your password?' link.

Do you provide a shared SSL Certificate on the server?

Yes, every 3iX server has it's own SSL certificate installed, saving you the cost of buying your own (normally about US$79). To use the shared SSL all you have to do is point your visitors to https://your.servername.com/~username/ Please see your welcome email for your server and username.

How to I login to my control panel?

The Control Panel (cPanel) is used to configure the features of your 3iX hosting account, to log into your cPanel you can use either the IP address or your domain name followed by :2082, for example: or http://www.yourdomain.com:2082 (after DNS propagates)
Username: See welcome email
See welcome email

Use the IP address if your DNS has not resolved to this server yet.
The http:// must be present in the address to access port :2082

Do you offer any free website templates to your customers?

Yes we do, as a thank you for choosing 3iX to host your site we have prepared 50 high quality
website templates worth over $1000 for exclusive download by 3iX customers they can be viewed at http://template.3ix.org

For the password and username to login to the download area please see your welcome email. All the templates include professional quality Adobe Photoshop .PSD files enabling you to create a very high quality website, with our compliments.

For answers to many other questions about using 3iX Hosting please see the Knowlegebase HERE

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